About Us


Valleyfield street is a quiet side street within 5 minutes walk from the meadows and nearest play park, convenient for nursery trips. Just round the corner is is Leven street where excellent bus connections are available. More about Busy Bees Nursery's location >>

sessions and Fees at very competitive rates

Age 3-5years                                                                                                                                  Morning session 8am-12.30 £20                                                                                 Afternoon session 1.30-5.45pm £19.50                                                                                       Full day 8.00-5.45pm £38.50                                                                                                         Full week £172.50    

 Age18months -3years                                                                                                                                  Morning session 8am-12.30 £21                                                                                  Afternoon session 1.30-5.45pm £20.50                                                                                     Full day 8.00-5.45pm £40.50                                                                                                     Full week £182.50   

Staff                                                                                                                                             Our team is highly experienced and qualified and the turnover is low, helping the children to fee safe and at home in the nursery environment. More about Busy Bees Nursery Staff >>

Your child's day

At Busy Bees we follow the curriculum for Excellence, providing preschool education for the 3-5 year olds. We also work with the 0-3 curriuclum for our youngest member.

Daily activities include a variety of art work and messy play, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, imaginative play/dressing up, computer play, story time, puzzles and construction.We support the children in baking activiteis once a week and they take turns halping staff to prepare snack.

Keeping parents informed 

A weekly plan is displayed on the wall for parents to see what their child will be involved in over the week and staff are always on hand to let you know how your child's day has been. 
Our newsletter is emailed to you monthly and lets you knnow what the children have been engaged in recently as well as any important changes. See Busy Bees News >>

Consulting with parents and children

The nursery sends out twice yearly questionnaires which link to our staff evaluations of the nursery. Children are also consulted about our provision. These are used to collectively evaluate the service and plan for improvements. In the past year improvements have included getting out on more outings and planning for nature activities and resources.

The evaluations link to our annual quality and improvement plan for the council. Parents are given summaries of this as well as of the questionnaire feedback and next steps planned by staff.

We really value this feedback from parents as it helps us to ensure that parents take part in developing our quality of service and are happy with the care we provide.

Outdoor play 

The children have daily free flow use of the nursery back garden, which has soft rubber chip flooring, making it safe for your child.
We have 2 climbing frames, one of which has a wooden play house on top as well as a slide, providing diverse oportunities for play. we have a variety of bikes and scooters to suit all ages. 
We have a nature area where the children can dig and explore the wild life, plant and grow flowers and vegetables. we provide waterproof siuts for wett weather play, enabling you child to benefit from the outdoors in all weather.

Environmental awareness 

We have a compost bin in the garden,to encourage the children to learn about the composting process and caring about the environment. We also make regular trips to the recycling bank.

Busy Bees is a registered Eco Nursery and we have a silver award.


As we have a high level of staff, we go on regular outings to the local play park, the meadows, the library, museums and other favourites! 
We provide buggies and safety leads, which are used on all outings.

Language and culture 

We are keen for the children to learn about different cultures and languas and celebrate festivals from all over the world. 
1 staff member is swedish speaking, Staff can also speak some German,and sing songs in further languages including french and dutch.
staff are keen to learn songs and words in childrens home languages to support thier inclusion.

Flexible times 

We provide flexible childcare places during holiday periods to meet your short term childcare needs. This is dependent on child numbers so be sure to check with the manager over availability.

Mixed age groups

This benefits younger and older children alike. 
-the younger children observe and learn from the older children 
-the older children learn about being kind and helping the younger ones which gives them a feeling of responsibility.

Additional Support Needs

An additional support need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning.  The education authority has many legal duties towards children with additional support needs.  Information about this is contained in a booklet called In On The Act: Information For The General Public which is published on the education authority website at  www.edinburgh.gov.uk/inontheact - or contact the additional support for learning team on telephone number 469 3444.